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Stay On The Cutting Edge With Spyderco Knives

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Presented by Spyderco

The need for a sharp blade predates recorded history, but before 1976  your only choice for a pocket knife was the same one your grandfather carried. Sal Glesser founded Spyderco in Golden, Colorado 40 years ago and their innovations created the modern knife industry. The first pocket knife with a serrated blade, imagine trying to cut through a seat belt or a fishing line with a straight edge. Being without a good knife in a situation that requires one can be infuriating. Their revolutionary CLIPIT series introduced a hole in the blade that has since become a trademark. It distinguishes Spyderco from imposters, as it allows the knife to be opened and closed with one hand.

  • C06TIP_All
  • C36TIFP_Both
  • C41TIFP5_Both
  • C152STIBLP_Both
  • C152STIP_Both
  • C183TIP_Both

Along with inventing several new blade locking mechanisms, they were the first pocket knife to offer modern metallurgy. Working with the best foundries in the world, Spyderco produces over 50 distinct alloys. With a broad range of products including cutting tools and sharpening equipment, their artisans also forge investment quality collector’s items. When something this revolutionary comes your way, it becomes hard to envision what life was like without it.

If you enjoy cars and boats as much as we do, you deserve a knife that your grandchildren won’t be ashamed of. With many choices for style and blade it might seem hard to pick the right one, so we have cut down their catalog to twelve of the best knives in the world. To see our favorites, head over to www.spyderco.com/dupontregistry.

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