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Sovaro: The Cooler, Perfected With Luxury

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What does each of the world’s most impressive exotic cars have in common? They were designed with a single principle in mind: pairing sleek, sophisticated style with durable performance ability.

Sovaro took this same principle and applied it to an everyday product that’s essential to any social gathering – the cooler. A Sovaro is no ordinary cooler, though.

One part aesthetic and one part purpose, Sovaro coolers are crafted from some of the highest quality materials around the world, including the cooler’s secret weapon, cork. Harvested from the Cork Oak trees in balmy Portugal, the cork is used as a natural and highly effective insulator. The cork bark itself doesn’t even burn until 1,000 degrees. That means you don’t need to worry about that private label champagne being anything less than perfectly chilled.


Speaking of bottles, picture this. You and your friends are yachting in the crystal clear waters of Miami Beach. You head over to open another bottle of everyone’s favorite wine but it’s empty. And just like that, your Sunday in the sun hits a plateau. Sovaro’s solution was designing coolers that fit bottles upright, thanks to a 13.5-inch interior height.

The 30 QT cooler is ideal for a double date with room for up to eight standing bottles. If you have a food or garnish that pairs with the bottles, you’ll have room for those, as well as a few bottles. The 45 QT is designed for a bit larger gatherings, like a housewarming for your new sky rise penthouse or condo on the beach. When throwing a party, nothing but the 70 QT size will do, accommodating up to 18 standing bottles for a fully stocked  – and constantly cool – bar supply.

Sovaro coolers are available in various color schemes, including black with chrome or silver hardware, white with silver or gold hardware and more. All coolers and accessories can be purchased online at www.sovaro.com.

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