Introducing the Quadski XL

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Gibbs Sports, creator of the innovative and amphibious Quadski, announced in a June 24 press release a new addition to their lineup: the Quadski XL.

The new Quadski XL now offers seating for two and adds 11.8 inches to the vehicle’s wheelbase. This allows for increased storage space for a second helmet and safety gear.

“The new Quadski XL expands the envelope of go-anywhere recreation with an even greater capacity for freedom, flexibility and fun,” noted Noel Lane, president and CEO of Gibbs Sports Amphibians, in the press release. “Our dealers are excited about the addition of the XL to their high-speed amphibian line-up.”

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Also added to the new Quadski XL are larger hood-mounted air scoops that increase the engine’s cooling capabilities and overall performance. And adding to the vehicle’s resiliency is a new front bumper system.

Powering both the Quadski and Quadski XL is a 1.3-liter BMW Motorrad engine and transmission. This engine produces 140 hp, allowing for a speed of 45 mph on both land and water.

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 (Source: Gibbs Sports)