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Overfinch Unveils New Accessories For Summer

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If you want the latest in British fashion, Overfinch would like a few minutes of your time. Working with Kirk Originals, Overfinch sunglasses are handmade in vintage styles. Each one is named for a classic Overfinch automobile, and they are perfect for a sunny drive.


  • FRONT – _0000s_0000_500E – T SHELL
  • FRONT – _0000s_0001_500E – BLACK
  • FRONT – _0000s_0002_500E – CLEAR

In 1988, buyers who wanted more from their English 4×4 could order the Overfinch 500E. It combined a 5.0 liter Chevrolet V8 and the Corvette’s 700R4 automatic. This bulletproof drivetrain was a cost-effective alternative to 570, which had the 350 ci (5.7 L) Chevrolet V8. The Overfinch 570 debuted in 1983, and it was the beginning of a two-decade partnership with GM.


  • 630R_TS_DETIAL
  • FRONT – _0002s_0000_630R – CLEAR
  • FRONT – _0002s_0001_630R – T SHELL
  • FRONT – _0002s_0002_630R – BLACK

Introduced in 2000, the 630R featured projector headlights and a plush interior to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Overfinch. The engine was a 6.3 Liter Chevrolet, which is a 383 to our muscle car fans. They are a popular combination of the 400 ci crankshaft and the 350 ci engine block. The 630R made 360 horsepower to all wheels and is one of their most celebrated models.


  • FRONT – _0002s_0000_630R – CLEAR
  • FRONT – _0002s_0001_630R – T SHELL
  • FRONT – _0002s_0002_630R – BLACK

In 1998, Overfinch decided to offer a more economical engine upgrade than the Chevrolet 5.7. So they decided to use the 4.6L Rover V8 with upgraded internals. The 4.6L V8 was a logical choice because the external dimensions are identical between the factory Rover 3.5L engine. The all-aluminum design was much lighter than a Chevrolet, while still offering great performance. If you weren’t aware, the Rover V8 was originally the 1960 Buick 215. GM sold the design to Rover in 1965, and it was standard equipment until 2006.

Color Choices

  • KO Detail 1 copy
  • KO Detail 2 copy
  • KO Detail 3 copy

Ok, these have nothing to do with engine choices. These are close-ups of their colors. And of course, every pair comes with a handmade leather case.

Overfinch Bespoke Luggage Set

  • Louis Darbon – Overfinch_Privatewhite_2017_07_13-884_resize
  • Louis Darbon – Overfinch_Privatewhite_2017_07_13-1129_revised
  • Louis Darbon – Overfinch_Privatewhite_2017_07_13-1388_resized

The Overfinch luxury should not end as you exit your vehicle. With Overfinch bespoke luggage sets that are handcrafted to match lifestyles as well as vehicles, all aspects of a journey can be considered a destination. 

Overfinch luggage is made to same exacting standards as the Overfinch vehicles. The 6-piece collection comprises touring cases, weekend cases, vanity case and business case. A light but strong aluminium frame is trimmed in the finest British hides to match or contrast with a vehicles interior. Hides, stitching patterns, piping and embroidery can all be specified to individual requirements.

Pricing for Overfinch accessories is available on application. Click the link below for more information.

Click Here To Visit Overfinch USA

FYI: Overfinch didn’t simply swap Corvette engines into 4x4s, the suspension, brakes, tires, wheels, and every stitch of leather was all new. Here is a history lesson for you to enjoy- Cheers!