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OnePlus Concept One Phone Revealed: Inspired by McLaren

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OnePlus has just unveiled their very first concept phone, the new Concept One. This new concept phone was unveiled at CES 2020 and it boasts some groundbreaking technology. The most innovative tech in the OnePlus Concept One is its color-shifting glass, making it the first phone to use this kind of technology. OnePlus used this glass tech because it allows them to “hide” the camera behind the opaque black glass when not in use. When the camera is being used, the glass will turn completely clear. This allows OnePlus to include a camera without breaking the surface of the camera.

Helping OnePlus with the design of the Concept One was their partner McLaren. The companies drew their inspiration for the concept from the McLaren 720S Spider. OnePlus even used the same leather that’s used inside the 720S supercar. Papaya Orange was also picked for the color, a nod to McLaren Racing’s history.