On Running Shoes and Formula 1 Drivers

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Formula 1 drivers have to be in perfect physical shape in order to compete with the worlds racing elite. When preparing their bodies for the strain of a long and challenging Formula 1 race, there is nothing more important for a pilot than to wear the latest innovation in performance gear.

That’s why Sauber F1 pilots Nico Hülkenberg and Esteban Guitérrez choose to work out with the On shoe – the Swiss performance running shoe that combines the best of training and of racing shoes: a soft landing but a hard push-­‐off.


The combination of comfort and speed comes from clever rubber pieces, called “Clouds”, which are located in the outsole of the shoe, allowing for cushioning as you hit the ground, then guiding your foot, naturally, for a powerful push-off . Visualize yourself running on the beach, but feeling the push off , like a rubber running track. Swiss engineering and the experience of Olivier Bernhard, a World Champion and a six times Ironman Winner have created the patented technology.


It has since been discovered by the Sauber F1 team and and some of the top multisport athletes in the world, including world champions and Olympic Gold Medalists . The F1 trackside team demands a combination of endurance and quick reactions, without the strain on the body.


Not surprising then, that the On has just been named the best performance shoe 2013 by ISPO, the largest European sports fair.

Keen on experiencing Swiss quality and a unique running sensation on your next run or walk?


Try the On shoes!

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