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New Hublot Watch Has Ever-Evolving Colors

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Hublot and Franco-Venezuelan artist and color theorist Carlos Cruz-Diez have collaborated to create a new watch that is a true piece of art for the wrist. Called the Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez, this watch benefits from Cruz-Diez’s analysis of what color is. He says color represents “an ephemeral, autonomous and ever evolving reality.”

The fast of the Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez consists of parallel discs that rotate in sequence– the hour hand is connected to the first level and the minute hand to the second. These discs have been treated in Pantone colors, allowing the color palette of the watch to evolve with time. As the discs rotate, the colors change in a truly vibrant fashion.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez will be available in three materials, titanium, King Gold and black ceramic. They will also be available in both 45 mm and 38 mm sizes. Production count is as follows for the 45 mm and 38 mm watches: 100 and 25 titanium pieces, 30 and 20 King Gold pieces and 100 and 25 black ceramic pieces respectively.

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