New GoPro Karma is Perfect for Capturing Cars

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We’ve all seen drone footage and we all want one. Seriously, why wouldn’t you want a remote-controlled vehicle that can fly around and film footage with insane quality? Personally, I think the consumer drone is the coolest gadget/piece of technology you can buy, next to virtual reality headset. So, it makes sense that a company that has been centered around capturing extreme footage, GoPro, has created their very own system: Karma.


Recently unveiled was the new GoPro Karma. While it looks like just a drone at first glance, it’s actually much more. You see, the Karma is actually an entire system that can be used in many ways to capture different aspects of your life. First off is the drone, which is perfect for aerial shots and flybys. Next is the grip which is actually built into the drone. All you need to do is pop it out of the drone and you have you’re own stabilizing grip that is great for panning shots or more up-close footage. Essentially, the GoPro Karma has you covered in the air and on the ground when it comes to smooth and HD footage. (If it sounds like I was paid to say these nice things, I can assure you I wasn’t and that I just geek out when it comes to photography and remote-controlled things.)

So, how is the GoPro Karma the one-stop-shop when it comes to capturing cars? For one, the drone. If you’re going on a car rally or taking a leisurely drive through the mountains, you want to capture the scene. Instead of filming from the seat or a GoPro mounted by suction cup, capture your car from the skies. By doing this you can turn any Sunday drive into a cinematic moment. The drone is also perfect for those looking to film an event like our Cars and Coffee. You can walk around the entire event and film the cars by hand, like I’ve done before, or step it up and send a drone up in the skies to capture the immensity of the event.


For those who do want to get those up-close shots on the ground, there’s the Karma Grip. With this tool you’ll be able to walk freely and film without and jitters in the video, thanks to its stabilizer. In fact, GoPro demonstrated how great this stabilizer is in their launch video by attaching it to a mountain bike rider. If this thing can record a mountain bike trail smoothly, your walk-bys at the car show will be smooth as butter, too.

Check out the GoPro’s Karma page for more information. As for pricing, it will be $799 by itself and is compatible with the Hero 4 Black and Silver, Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session.

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