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Mercedes-AMG Mountain Bike: The Rotwild GTS

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It’s time to take the design and agility of the Mercedes-AMG GT and put them to work on a dirt trail through two tires.

The second creation to come from the collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and Rotwild, the ROTWILD GTS is a high-performance mountain bike specifically developed for competitive use. Announced in a press release today amid the torrent of New York International Auto Show news, the ROTWILD GTS replaces horsepower with human strength, but puts it to the ground through a system as optimized and advanced as the latest supercars.

ROTWILD GT S - Mountainbike

The body is supremely light-weight thanks to Carbon Module Monocoque Technology and EPS Innermold Technology, each of which further enhance the performance abilities of carbon fiber. The strength of carbon fiber allows for a frame that is rigid yet pliable enough to conquer any hill or jump.

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29-inch wheels also crafted from carbon fiber further reduce weight and increase rigidity. For gears on this mountain bike, Mercedes-AMG and Rotwild incorporated Shimano XTR drive technology, utilizing electronic shifting for quick and smooth shifts. AMG style remains omnipresent visually as well, with a striking solarbeam yellow body with carbon black detailing.

ROTWILD GT S - Mountainbike

Just 100 examples of this lightweight, limited edition bicycle will be created, and each is currently priced at €9,990, or approximately $10,879 USD. Be sure to stay with us for more updates, and find yourself the perfect creation from Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-AMG at the button below.


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(Source: Daimler Media)

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