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McLaren Cuts the 675LT’s Weight by 99%…In a Way

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Yes, McLaren Automotive has cut the weight of the 675LT from 2,712 all the way down to just .26 lbs and they’ve even shrunken it to 1:43 scale. If you haven’t caught on by now, McLaren has just launched their full collection of collectible cars.

Within this collection are McLaren’s finest creations that should be sitting on every automotive enthusiast’s desk, including the F1, 675LT, 570GT, P1, F1 GTR and many more. One of the most recent model is the 1:43 Minichamps model of the 675LT in Chican Grey with a “stealth-like” interior. Another recent model is the Limited Production 1:18 570S Coupe by Tecnomodel in Vermillion Red, complete with hand-painted carbon fiber detailing.


To make these models as accurate as possible, the creators TSM and Minichamps work closely with McLaren Automotive’s CAD data.

If you’ve ever wanted your own 1995 Le Mans-competing McLaren F1 in its famous livery, now is your chance. To check the prices and see them all, be sure to click the button below.

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