The Martin Jetpack: Fly the Dream

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phoca_thumb_l_2013 p12 front view

Remember when you were a child, and you dreamt of waking up in the morning, strapping on your backpack and having it project you through the air to your destination? Well, now you can. While it may not be the size of a duffle bag, jetpack travel is officially a reality. The Martin Jetpack is an entirely new way to fly, it can be controlled from a distance by a remote control, or manually controlled onboard.

The newest in aviation innovation boasts the ability to fly up to 800 feet for as long as 30 minutes at a top speed of 50 mph. Safety features include anything from a rollover bar to a parachute to keep your mind at ease as you fly. While you may think that this technology would cost millions, you can own your own for just $100,000.

Enjoy the video below.

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