Liquid Glass Car Care Products

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There’s nothing more beautiful than the shine of a new car’s paint glinting in the sun as mile 000001 registers on the odometer. But as every enthusiast knows, wear, tear and weather all take their toll on the quality of the finish, eating away at protective coats and dulling colors over time. It can become quite costly to repaint a car, and even more so if the color was custom, which is why regular external maintenance is just as important as internal, and why using the proper products is absolutely imperative.

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Liquid Glass offers a wide variety of uniquely formulated car care products designed to keep your car looking even more vibrant than the day you purchased it, both inside and out. Unlike other car waxes and polishes, which evaporates when exposed to heat or intense sunlight, Liquid Glass is designed to become even stronger and harder in high temperature situations.


For those seeking a superior level of protection all over, the Liquid Glass Total Appearance System is a package of six products in a reusable, “vehicle-mountable” carrying case. From start to finish and top to bottom, this collection will keep your prized possession in the finest condition of its life. The kit includes Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish; Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner; Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate; Connoisseur’s Choice Leather, Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner; Leather, Vinyl and Rubber Protectant; an application cloth and a buffing towel.

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