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Limited Edition Telsa Surfboard: Sold Out!

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What would you do if you if the waves are perfect and you have some extra carbon fiber? If you are Elon Musk, you partner with the best in the industry to build the perfect surfboard. He knows his buyers. The “early adopters” are young urban professionals who tend to lead a more active lifestyle than our parents did. Much like the flamethrowers for “The Boring Company”, this board hit their store and sold out in minutes.

Surfing and high-tech composites go back to the early days of spaceflight. When NASA needed fiberglass specialists to build the insulation on the Saturn V rocket, Dr. Wernher von Braun had a problem. When the surf was up, his workforce called in sick to catch a perfect wave. This carbon fiber masterpiece was limited to 200 examples and was a collaboration between Tesla Design and Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards.

It has several layers of carbon fiber over a 1.5-pound EPS core. The bottom has 2 layers of 4 oz cloth, laid at right angles for the ultimate strength and dent resistance. The price was only $1,500, but eBay is awash in examples approaching $4,000. They are designed to fit easily inside the Model S, Model 3 or Model X, so click the link below to find the perfect car to go with this board!

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