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Liberty Safe National Magnum: Luxurious Security

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Everyone has something that they need to keep safe, whether it’s cash, personal documents, firearms or anything, really. To keep these precious items secure, you need a safe that you can trust.

Liberty Safe‘s National Magnum safe will not only keep your belongings out of harm’s way at all times, but also be the highlight of any rooms it’s in.

Secure Styling

This safe’s exterior offers a perfect blend of modern and superior security with Old-West styling. Its hardware is available in black chrome with 11 different finish options, chrome with one finish option or 23k gold with 4 different finish options. Yes, your safe can be as luxurious as the items it protects.

Speaking of the items it protects, this safe can hold quite a bit. There are four different models of the National Magnum available for purchase: the Magnum 25, 40, 50 and 56, though the National Magnum 56 is only available in Gray Marble and Silver Velour. These safes hold up to 22, 33, 39 and 56 guns, respectively.

But these safes can hold more than just firearms. Each safe has a new premium accessory door panel to accommodate extra valuables on the door, as well provide quick access to handguns. There is also a pull-out jewelry drawer, which makes organizing valuables easy.

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Protection and Security

Coming with this safe is the best in fire protection. with a 2.5-hour fire rating, as well as serious security that will give you peace of mind. When you purchase the National Magnum safe by Liberty Safe, it comes with a SAFELERT 24/7 Monitoring device for free. It also is a UL™ Certified as a Residential Security Container (RSC) and can withstand prying, drilling, punch and torch attacks. Additionally, it has a gear-drive off-set handle that thieves won’t be able to comprehend.

More Than A Safe

These safes will not only keep your valuables protected with some of best security out there, they will look luxurious and stylish all the while. From its exterior, to its interior, including the protection in between, Liberty Safe’s National Magnum safes offer the ultimate protection in your home without compromising your personal style.

For more information, be sure to visit LibertySafe.com or click the button below.

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