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Giant Superplexus 3D Labyrinth Game Wows at duPont REGISTRY Live

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The latest creative endeavor from McGinnis Artistry is the Superplexus. This interactive art is by far is the most complex version to date and is now available only in a limited number for private purchase. The Superplexus has been exhibited in many venues worldwide and offered as commissioned art pieces for several museums and art galleries. Michael McGinnis, creator of the Superplexus launched his private sale at the duPont REGISTRY Live Winter Park Concours d’Elegance Aeroport Reception on November 13.

Giant Superplexus 3D Puzzle Wows at duPont REGISTRY Live

McGinnis has had success as a toy maker and creator of the “Game of Year” spans a journey of over three decades. When first approached to create a giant version, McGinnis responded, “Why not tackle my dream of creating a super-complex, human-scale interactive piece?”

He added, “These Giant Superplexuses are complex works of interactive art, and I am very fortunate to have them as my most personal creative outlet. This art form stretches my mind while providing joy to others. Although I am adept at other media and concepts, no other pursuit holds such an iconic place in my heart. Here I feel as though I am truly contributing to the language of the world.”

Giant Superplexus 3D Puzzle Wows at duPont REGISTRY Live

This masterpiece of interactive art will take center stage in your home and offer hours of entertainment value for years to come. Each is a unique and overly complex design. Be sure to take a closer look at the photos in the gallery below from the duPont REGISTRY Live event and learn more about the history of Superplexus at superplexus.com.

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