Gear of the Week: Monochrome Adventures

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Take a quick walk through nature and you’ll see a full palette of colors. There are the orange/red tones of fall leaves in a forest, crisp blues of the ocean, green grass of flowing fields and many other biomes that consist of vibrant hues. But what if you’re wandering through these environments and just want to stand out a little by not be colorful at all. Well, that’s where monochromatic style comes in. Below are a few pieces of gear that would go perfectly a black/white outfit. And we also made sure these pieces of gear would be great for an outdoor adventure.

Melin Stealth Hat

No matter your position on Earth’s surface, the Sun will find you one way or another. Considering how important it is to keep your skin away from the harmful rays of the Sun, we suggest you slap on one of Melin’s amazing hats. Also, be sure to lather up in sunscreen.

Buy Now – $69

Incase Compass White Leather Backpack

Every adventure needs a bag. Why not a stylish one like this backpack from Incase? It comes in a two-tone scheme and is constructed out of genuine leather. There’s also a dedicated laptop sleeve for when you need to edit some nature photography on the fly.

Buy Now – $249.95

Fitbit Versa Watch

A true adventure can only be experienced while on foot and that means a lot of walking. Track those steps with the new Fitbit Versa Watch. This watch combines the health benefits of Fitbit that we all know with a smartwatch features like music, apps and more.

Buy Now – $199.95

SOG Specialty Knives TF1-BX Trident Knife

Stuck in a tight spot? Like, a literal tight spot where you need assistance getting out? Cut your way out with the SOG Trident knife. This watch releases automatically making it easy to draw out. The partial serration of the blade also aids with the cutting of any tough material like tree branches.

Buy Now – $79

Leica M Monochrom (TYP 246) ‘Stealth Edition’ Camera

No adventure would be complete without stunning photos that you can share with everyone right? Or maybe you’re the kind of person that takes pictures just to remember the experience by. Either way, the new Leica M Monochrom ‘Stealth Edition’ camera will take the most beautiful black and white images.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black-and-white, you photograph their souls.” – Ted Grant, Canadian photographer

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