Functional Art: Kees van der Westen Espresso Machines

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There is no question that without coffee, the world would cease to function normally. It goes beyond simply not having a cup when you wake up in the morning; coffee is second only to crude oil as an internationally traded commodity, according to a Jan. 25, 2013 article on

As such a high-value item, it only makes sense that your morning beverage should be treated with the utmost respect and served in the manner most befitting. Cue Kees van der Westen, Netherlands-based saviors of espresso.

Mirage Veloce
Mirage Veloce

“Espresso machines these days look like oversized shoe boxes,” an email from the company described. “This is a major reason why we designed and developed our Mirage espresso machine.”

Styled full of the cool characteristics of classic muscle chrome, the Mirage espresso machine channels all the right elements of mechanical beauty.

“The machine should embody all its functions in a seductive appearance, to please the eye of the drinker because it must match what the mouth experiences. Its appearance should enlarge all the hissing, the grumbling, the emitting of tantalizing aromas, the spewing of clouds of steam.

Spirit Triplette
Spirit Triplette

It must excite the onlooker and subconsciously convince them espresso is a very serious matter indeed,” they told us of the design process.

“We aim to create honest, real and truly classic espresso machines,” Kees van der Westen continued. “Classic in the sense of looking good in a fashion defying way.”

There’s an array of options for the Mirage espresso machine, beginning with the Mirage Duette Classic and Mirage Triplette Classic, which have two and three espresso valves, respectively. Learn more about the different options for the Mirage below, and visit their website to explore their other espresso designs, the Spirit and the Speedster.

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(Source: Kees van der Westen)

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