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Finish First Polish: BMW X5

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Here at the duPont REGISTRY, our business is selling cars, and something that helps a car sell is a spectacular finish. Caranuba wax is a tried and true way of making a car shine, but the future has arrived in the way of synthetic polymers/polishes.  These products were once derided because they were misunderstood. Detailers were hesitant to believe that a chemist could outdo Mother Nature.

Thanks to advances in polymer technology, synthetic polishes have surpassed wax as the best way to achieve a mirror-like finish and long term protection.  Finish First™ has been at the forefront of polymer technology and continues to set the industry standard by providing the most technologically advanced detailing products.  The high-performance polymer applies effortlessly to fill in the microscopic pores in the clear coat/painted surface.  The polymer molecules are able to chemically bond to the surface, which provides your vehicle with a dynamic and durable barrier to resist tar, bugs, tree sap, oil, gas, acid rain, road salt and other environmental contaminates.

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Unlike a wax, this performance characteristic allows Finish First™ polish to remove light scratches and swirl marks while leaving a completely smooth surface to allow for perfect light refraction and a brilliant shine.  The formulation contains no wax, silicone or Teflon®, and because it bonds to the clear coat a single application will last for up to 12 months.

Their technical director broke it down for me; natural waxes have a very small molecules, relatively speaking, and low melting point. Conversely, the synthetic polymers in Finish First™ polish are a long chain molecule; when you apply these polymers to paint, the super-sized molecules get embedded into pores and chemically bond the surface. The polymers also have a much higher melting point when compared to a wax.  As a result the wax degrades at a much fast rate when exposed to extreme environment conditions and you lose the UV protection and shine much faster.

Our Test Subject:


We were skeptical at first, so we chose a random X5 (black of course) and applied a nice layer by hand. After 20 minutes in the shade we fired up the random orbital and tried a few panels. Small swirls were filled in as the product cured to the surface, and it can easily be removed with a buffer. You can see from the before and after photos what only a half hour will do.

The Result:

BMW X5 For Sale

It speaks for itself. This X5 lives outside, so she needed the best. Florida’s heat and a black surface cause carnauba to literally evaporate from the surface. If you need a polish that won’t vanish when the sun comes out, give Finish First™ a try.

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