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Ferrari Store: Puma Transform Collection

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In certain situations, your clothes should be as dynamic as your car. That’s why Ferrari turned to Puma for a limited run of color-changing accessories. The Transform Collection features heat and water-reactive colors and prices that won’t break the bank. Each piece is emblazoned with the colors of the Italian flag along with Scuderia shields.

Men’s Technical Jacket

  • L6954_1_blk_9
  • L6954_2_blk_9
  • L6954_4_blk_9
  • L6954_5_blk_9
  • L6954_6_blk_9

If you are looking for style in all weather, this hooded jacket sports jacket hides a wild reflective motif that comes alive in the rain. It is available in Medium to XXL for $110.

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Men’s Transform T-Shirt

  • L6958_1_red_9
  • L6958_2_red_9
  • L6958_3_red_9
  • L6958_4_red_9
  • L6958_5_red_9
  • L6958_6_red_9

This wild T-Shirt features a blur of a Ferrari F1 car. It is temperature sensitive, becoming fluorescent when cold. It is available in Small to XXL for $27.50.

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Puma Transform Backpack

  • L6902_1_blk
  • L6902_2_blk
  • L6902_3_blk
  • L6902_4_blk

If you need something unique to carry your gear, the Puma Transform Backpack reacts to body and air temperature to reveal a bright red pattern. $100

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Puma Transform Cap

  • L6892_1_blk_1
  • L6892_2_blk
  • L6892_3_blk
  • L6892_4_blk

Translated from Italian, TestaRossa literally means Red Head. This straight-bill black cap hides a red pattern that is heat activated. The double-stiched design has a drawstring closure for the ultimate in comfort. $22

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Men’s Evo Cat Transform Low Sneakers

  • L6918_1_blk_16
  • L6918_2_blk_16
  • L6918_3_blk_16
  • L6918_4_blk_16

Imagine the perfect heel-toe downshift in a 275 GTB/4. It needs a shoe that can handle the heat, and these Evo Cats turn fire red when exposed to heat. The thermochromic color will make you stand apart from the crowd. $79.75

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Men’s Evo Cat Mid Sneakers

  • L6920_1_blk_16
  • L6920_2_blk_16
  • L6920_3_blk_16
  • L6920_4_blk_16

Featuring the same heat reactive pigments as the low tops above, these mids offer more support and great styling. $90.75

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