COIN: The New Way to Pay

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Don’t let the name fool you. This device may be called “COIN,” but it will be worth a lot more to you than just a few cents. The COIN is a device the size of your credit card. It syncs with an app on your cell phone, saves the codes for every card in your wallet, and helps thin out your wallet.

You leave the cards at home and carry this alone. You can select what card you’d like to make your purchase with using the button and a screen on the face of the COIN card. Then, you just swipe like you would any other card. On top of the convenience and pocket space, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your credit card somewhere. The COIN keeps a weak Bluetooth signal with your cell phone at all times, and alerts you when you leave your COIN behind. Convenient, safe and secure, that’s living the dream.

COIN will hit shelves summer of 2014; preorder yours now.