Cars For A Cure World Rally Concept Shirt

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Cars For A Cure Apparel is a clothing company dedicated to creating apparel centered around the automotive world, which is sold to benefit breast cancer research. The latest addition to their clothing line is a perfect fit for any rally enthusiast.

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This new t-shirt, called the “World Rally Concept,” features a WRC rally car designed by Antoine Chassagne in collaboration with and Cars For A Cure Apparel. The car itself has a very Lancia-like body and paint scheme, which is easily recognized by those familiar with the extreme racing series and the Rally B series of the past.

Be sure to click the button below to order your own t-shirt and aid in the fight against breast cancer, and read the full story behind Cars for a Cure Apparel at the link above.


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About Cars For A Cure Apparel

From the website: Hi, my name is Mason Watson and I have a passion for automotive design. I have been designing and sketching cars all my life. I study automotive design in Southern California.

My life drastically changed in 2008. My amazing mother, Sharon, passed away from breast cancer. It completely changed my outlook on life. I wanted to do something in her memory and to anyone else who has had to deal with this awful disease.

After years of planning and set backs, I finally decided to make something happen. All these shirts are designed by myself and I would love your support. Every 3 months Cars for a Cure Apparel will announce how much money was donated. These shirts are designed and printed in the USA. Printed on the best quality, American Apparel tees.

With every purchase, 20% will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® 


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