Bugatti Hookah by Desvall Worth $100,000

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It is always a pleasure to witness collaborations between two renowned companies. The cutting-edge French automotive manufacturer Bugatti has teamed up with famed Swedish hookah company Desvall to develop the Bugatti hookah.

These two companies represent an impeccable sensibility toward design and craft. It is one thing to innovate design and performance within the automotive and hookah fields, but the success of fusing elements of each field, worlds apart, is pure ecstasy for the beholder.

desvall-vattenpipa1-970x646-c (1)

Inspired by Bugatti’s high-performance engineering and design materials, the $100,000 Bugatti hookah’s sleek frame is derived from a special edition carbon fiber casing, a solid titanium frame and hand sewn leather details.

Each of these elements is hand-crafted by skilled, deliberate hands and minds. Desvall made a splendid choice by developing these 150 special edition hookahs, exhibiting that they can produce more than gold-plated and diamond-studded pipes, and without undermining one bit of Bugatti’s integrity—a challenge successfully meet by Desvall.

The hookah pipe is further outfitted with Desvall’s patented pivot technology, which allows a 360-degree rotation of the axis around the base, making the hose easy to pass between a group without the fear of tangling the hose, knocking over the ultra-expensive hookah or knocking something else onto the carpet. This is one of the most expensive smoking devices of all time, and its visual aesthetics are undulant in uncapturable curves. It’s like having the Bugatti Veyron on your living room coffee table, but the hookah will undoubtedly be easier to share with guests than the car.

desvall-vattenpipa4-970x646-cBy: Aaron Styza