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Bubba Watson and Oakley’s Golf Jetpack

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In 2013, Bubba Watson and Oakley introduced a hovercraft that would replace the golf kart. Today? He’s got a freakin’ jetpack.

In a video uploaded today by his YouTube channel, he introduced the world’s first flying golf kart jetpack. That may be a mouthful, so I’ll stick with calling it Bubba’s Jetpack. It’s powered by a 200 hp engine that drives two massive fans. It can reach speeds of up to 50 mph, meaning your rounds will be faster and way more epic than ever before.

Don’t feel like driving around that water hazard? Bubba’s Jetpack has you covered and you’ll be able to fly right over.

Hate riding with someone else in the kart? You’ll be flying alone in Bubba’s Jetpack.

Want to annoy your friends while they tee off? I’m sure there’s a way you could attach a Nerf gun to it.

Honestly, take take it from me and just watch the video below and let me know in the comments below if you think jetpacks would be better than golf karts. Yeah, we’d have to figure out the fuel situation, but I’m sure it will be feasible in the near future. Right? Hopefully? Please…