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BMW Releases Active Hybrid e-bike

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As hybrid technology improves, it has allowed the electric bicycle to become a work of art. BMW has been in the two-wheeled business since the beginning. Their innovative approach to motorcycles often translates to forward-thinking bicycles, and the new Active Hybrid is a game-changer.

Based on a hydroformed aluminum frame, the “bullneck” design hides an electric motor and removable battery. Rated at 504 watt-hours, it can deliver 66 lb-ft of torque up to 16 mph. It provides 62 miles of pedal assistance along with integrated LED lights. To appeal to the connected cyclist, the e-bike also comes standard with Bluetooth and a micro USB port to power your devices. In a press release last night, we learned that pricing starts at EUR 3,400, or somewhere around $4,030.

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Riders can choose from four power modes ranging from Eco (+50%) to Turbo (+275%). The seat needs of an e-bike are rather specific, so BMW commissioned Selle Royale to craft a perfect surface with three-zone gel padding. The Active Hybrid is available from select BMW dealers, so find one close to you in the link below and stay with us for all your BMW updates.

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