$1 Million 24k Gold Mountain Bike

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When one thinks of mountain bikes, they think of a bike that is meant to be roughed up, dirtied up and taken off the beaten path. But what if the mountain bike in question was made of gold? Would you still do with it what you would with a typical mountain bike? Or would you instead have it on display in your house for all to see?

This question is being asked because The House of Solid Gold has created, in cooperation with athlete and extreme sports promoter Dan Bull, a custom 24k gold mountain bike.

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Named “The Beverly Hills Edition,” this handcrafted bike is known as a “fat bike,” which is a bike with over-sized tires. The bike and the custom water bottle are overlaid with 24k gold and also feature a number of precious stones. For example: the emblem features  600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires. Adding to the bike’s luxurious design is a one-of-a-kind seat that is covered in chocolate brown alligator.

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Thirteen of these bikes will be created, each being customized to the buyer’s needs. The stated price for the bike on is $1 million.

Knowing the price and what the bike is made of, would you take this mountain bike down a mountain trail?


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