Ford GT Rides Up Elevator to $32 Million Condo in Porsche Tower

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The Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida is a 60-story building that exudes luxury. The structure alone towers its surrounding skyline with an elegant design, but it’s what’s inside that will truly surprise you. You could experience its interior by walking in, but it’s when you drive into the building that you’ll really get a sense of just how opulent this building really is.

Brooks of DragTimes recently visited the Porsche Design Tower in his new Ford GT to check out the building’s private penthouse. To make his way up to the 56th floor, he took the building’s intuitive car elevator that drops cars into each condo’s respective garage. For the penthouse, its garage can fit up to 11 cars. After parking and getting a bit nervous, Brooks was whisked away and up 600+ feet to his destination. Waiting for him in the garage was a Lamborghini Aventador SV and many other exotic cars.

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After parking, he was given a chance to walk about the 20,000 square foot penthouse. One room that caught my eye was the massive closet that was more like the size of a guest room for those of us without $32 million to spend on this penthouse. Yes, that’s its cost.

Check out the entire experience for yourself in the video below and be sure to subscribe to DragTimes for more awesome videos.

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