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Fiat Smegg 500 is a Car Turned Refrigerator

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Fiat has just released a new take on the 500. This design won’t serve your transportation needs but it will keep your drinks cold. The Fiat Smeg 500 is a fully functional refrigerator made from the front end of a Fiat 500. The design mimics that of the 1957 model. Since the front end of the 500 housed the trunk, while the rear end held the engine, it was only logical to turn it into a place to store drinks, right? Equipped with working headlights and fully authentic Fiat 500 bumper and trim, this unique refrigerator is sure to be a conversation starter. The inside features a separate section for cans as well as three bottle holders. Of course this 500-inspired product comes only in one of the three colors of the Italian flag; green, white, or red. No word on the price just yet but you can visit for more information.

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