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Ferrari-Branded Logic3 Headphones

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If you own a Ferrari, you want everyone to know you own a Ferrari, as well you should. But how are you going to tell people you own a Ferrari when you are listening to music? Easy, plug in the new Ferrari-branded Logic3 headphones! Of course, you can still buy these headphones even if you don’t own a Ferrari.

This new line of headphones and earbuds are being called the Cavallino and Scuderia lines. They all feature the Ferrari logo and lots of trimming. The Cavallino line has aluminum casing covered in hand stitched leather. The Scuderia line is also built of aluminum and has the red and yellow colors that is synonymous with Ferrari.

These headphones are available for purchase on the Ferrari online store. The Cavallino earbuds will sell between $220 and $249, which are cheaper than the headphones which range between $330 and $480.

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