50-Year-Old Macallan Scotch sells for $40,460

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James Bond, a man of mystery. He lives a life of extravagance, luxury, and danger.  Men want to be him and women want to be with him. But more importantly, he drinks only the finest scotch.  In the latest film from the James Bond series, Bond can be seen drinking a bottle of 50-year-old Macallan.  Thanks to Macallan distillery you do not need the skillset of an international spy to obtain top-of-the-line scotch.

They are famous for their exquisite scotch, however a recent bottle of 1951 Macallan scotch has been put up for auction. At Bonham’s Whisky, Cognac, and Rare Spirits Auction this bottle sold for an impressive $40,460. Domestic bidding was popular, however representatives from East Asia, Australia, the UK, and Scandinavia also had a strong presence. This regal bottle may have already been sold, but Macallan provides easy access to a list of their distributors worldwide on their website Next time you open the liquor cabinet, don’t just reach for any bottle, reach for scotch, Macallan scotch.