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Customizable Shooting Ranges from Shooting Range Industries

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Honolulu is a beautiful, but landlocked city. With space at a premium, an outdoor gun range is almost unthinkable. That’s why the AirForce’s 154th wing, which comprises the Hawaii Air National Guard, needed a compact solution for small arms training.

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Thinking outside the box, our friends at Shooting Range Industries took their popular and portable self-contained individual shooting ranges and combined them into the Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Sets (MCSATS), as Ho’okele News reported reported Aug. 14.

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The MCSATS are prefabricated, freestanding buildings with central heat and air, along with the most advanced sound insulation available. Each of the 12 lanes within features programmable lighting, and can simulate daylight or nighttime scenarios. Since the facility is on-site, it allows for training day or night, without the hassle of scheduling transportation, and probably saving the taxpayers a few dollars.

The MCSATS are completely customizable, from the number of lanes to interior amenities. Other satisfied customers include the Air National Guard of Nevada and New York, and consequently, more orders have been placed. If you have thought about owning or opening a range, ShootingRange Industries has the solution. Learn more at their website, www.ShootingRangeIndustries.com.


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