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CollectionSuites: The Ultimate Investment for the True Collector

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Presented by Collection Suites – CollectionSuites combines the best of both worlds: a beautiful space to store your prized collections and a great investment for your portfolio.

Envisioned by collector and race car driver, Juan Manuel Fayen, CollectionSuites is a luxury storage space located in the heart of Miami. The complex features 38 suites that merge a gallery-like space to store your Paganis or Picassos, with a living space that boasts top of the line technology and finishes. From exotic cars and rare art to vintage wines, our suites were conceived to store, enjoy and protect your timeless investments while they gain market value.

CollectionSuites is designed to meet the modern collector’s lifestyle, boasting luxury finishes, high tech features, and extensive security options. Owners also get access to premium amenities like exclusive concierge services and real time, operational control through the CollectionSuites app. More than 30% of the customizable suites, which start at the low $700k mark, have already been sold since entering the market in November 2018.

Beyond developing a luxury storage space, the team set out to create an unparalleled community for collectors. For Fayen, the goal was to connect like-minded individuals fueled by a passion for the timeless: “From wine enthusiasts and art procurers to car aficionados, the complex serves as a safe haven for their collections, and the ultimate oasis for the collector.” CollectionSuites hosts a series of inhouse and offsite events including art expos, auto racing, fundraisers, and other curated gatherings for the owners-only community.

Visit www.collection-suites.com to schedule a private tour of our suites today!

Presented by CollectionSuites

Our goal was to offer collectors an exclusive space where they could store and admire their most prized collection.