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The Moorings Makes Yacht Ownership Easy

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Presented By The Moorings Yacht Ownership

Ever dream of owning waterfront vacation property in an exotic location?  Ever dream of owning a yacht? What if we told you there was a way to do both simultaneously, earn money and never worry about the stress and responsibility that comes with conventional yacht or property ownership?

The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program makes this dream a reality by offering the most popular Yacht Ownership program in the world.  With this program you own a large yacht in a beautiful destination and make money too!

The program is simple:  They have a selection of sail or power catamarans for sale in destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, and more.

In a nutshell:

  1. You choose your yacht and destination
  2. You enjoy plenty of annual use of your yacht and sister ships at 20 worldwide destinations.
  3. The Moorings takes care of all maintenance, dockage, insurance and repairs
  4. The Moorings charters her to guests when you aren’t using her
  5. You receive monthly income that will cover your monthly loan payment

Moorings 433 Powercat

  • Moorings-433-PC (5)
  • Moorings-433-PC (4)
  • Moorings-433-PC (3)
  • Moorings-433-PC (2)
  • Moorings-433-PC (1)

David Burgess, owner of a Moorings 433 Powercat explains, “As an owner, the Moorings pays me. I don’t have to worry about insurance, dockage, repairs or maintenance. Plus, I get owner’s use and revenue that is a positive cash flow.”

This is the ideal program for anyone who wants to live like a celebrity without the associated costs.  Wake up with a new waterfront view in an exotic location each day and make memories with friends and family that will last forever.

Powercats currently available for purchase through the Yacht Ownership Program are the Moorings 514 PC and the Moorings 433 PC. Moorings Powercats are exclusively designed and built by South Africa’s largest boat builder, Robertson and Caine. In addition to powercats, you can also purchase sailing vessels through The Moorings Yacht Ownership. They have catamaran and monohull sailboats ranging from 40 feet to 58 feet.

Own a yacht through the Moorings and experience the world like you never have. To learn more, contact The Moorings Yacht Ownership today.

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Moorings 514 Powercat

  • Moorings-514-PC (1)
  • Moorings-514-PC (6)
  • Moorings-514-PC (5)
  • Moorings-514-PC (4)
  • Moorings-514-PC (3)
  • Moorings-514-PC (2)