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The Leopard 51PC: Leading the Powerboat Revolution

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Presented by Leopard Catamarans

Power catamarans may have arrived late in the game, but as the saying goes—you cannot rush perfection. And we promise— nothing was rushed in the making of the Leopard 51PC, the crown jewel of the Leopard Powercat fleet.

This yacht has pushed the boundaries of power catamaran design.  When it comes to elegance, performance and ease, this cat matches up well to that of a traditional motor yacht.  But what sets this feline apart from the rest is the added stability of twin hulls— they are superior in every way.

With a beam of over 25-feet, she has more interior and exterior space in 51-feet than what’s found on a motor yacht of almost double her length.  In layman’s terms?  We have discovered the ultimate party package. The expansive fly bridge with a wet bar and grill, plenty of seating, and a sunbathing platform, give a whole new meaning  to the term ‘roof-top’ party.  And the fly bridge is just one of the many lounging areas aboard the vessel.

The Leopard 51PC  is equipped with twin 370hp diesel engines and a 3-foot draft, which allow her to go where most motor yachts of this size simply can’t.  The sleek and lean hulls of this cat create less drag, which ultimately results in faster speeds and exceptional fuel economy— with 400 gallons of fuel you can cruise at 20 knots and cover 460 nautical miles.

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The three cabins and three heads are divided into the double hulls, with the entire starboard hull being dedicated to the owner’s suite.   This guarantees plenty of privacy and ample living space. The more the merrier? There is a four cabin four head model available as well.

Everything you would want to know about the Leopard 51PC can be found in one feature— the Build My Leopard tool. This feature allows you to build your dream power cat, as well as sailing cat if you prefer.  Follow this link below to stop dreaming and start building.

Build Your Leopard