Azzam: World’s Largest Private Yacht

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Price: $511,000,000

Length: 590 ft

Engines: Two gas turbines and two diesel engines

Power: 94,000 hp

Top Speed: 30 knots

The wealthy billionaires of the world have come up with their own way to enjoy cruises without the crowds and tourists, mega yachts. These giants have been popping up all over the world, allowing their owners to cruise the seas safely, luxuriously and privately. It seems to be a competition as these boats keeping getting larger and larger, but one has recently swept the field. The 590 ft Azzam claims the title of world’s largest private yacht, but it didn’t stop there. This giant also takes the award for fastest mega yacht with top speeds of over 30 knots backed up by a full 94,000 horsepower engine setup that includes two gas turbines and two diesel engines.

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Azzam officially debuted in April but the owner is still unknown. Speculators believe that this nautical masterpiece belongs to a Middle-Eastern billionaire. This yacht has completely redefined the term “cruise”. Coming in at around $511,000,000 it’s going to take a pretty serious mega yacht to top the Azzam. Praised for its sleek lines and grand attention to detail the Azzam is the ultimate mega yacht. Whoever the owner is, he/she is one lucky guy, or girl.