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BMW Reveals New Shoes Based On Concept Car

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First off, yes, you’ll be able to buy BMW’s new X-CAT DISC shoes.

Back in 2008, BMW Design Group debuted the GINA Light Visionary Model. What made this concept stand out was the exterior, which was covered in fabric– it was like the car was wearing a shirt. Now, in 2016, BMW has unveiled a new set of shoes that were designed after this 8-year old concept.

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Why? Because they can and every sneakerhead loves crazy new shoes.

These new shoes, called the X-CAT DISC, designed by Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, for Puma’s DISC range. The “DISC” range is named after the new lace system. Instead of painstakingly tying your shoes every morning, you can rotate the disc that rests on the shoe’s tongue to tighten the laces.


“With the X-CAT project, we wanted to unleash the innovative power of BMW and PUMA. We have transformed the essence of the shape-shifting GINA car into a streamlined and elegant shoe,” says Torsten Hochstetter, Global Creative Director at Puma.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair of these shoes, they’ll be available at Puma stores worldwide come July 1.

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