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Bentley Motors and Dale Chihuly Discuss Beauty

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Through a pairing between Bentley Motors and Harper’s Bazaar, two of the world’s most impressive living artists discussed their respective crafts at the first Bazaar Art Supplement in a series of events. The first event of the campaign for customers was held on Oct. 3 at the Halcyon Gallery in London. Below is a video of the luxurious evening, the video was shot at four different events of the campaign.

Harper’s Bazaar reached out to Bentley Motors as a sponsor to create an event that would delightfully catch the eye of the magazines female readers who they describe as “intelligent and stylish.” The events focus on showing how very close the art behind an automobile is to the most beautiful and unique forms of glass blowing. Bentley’s contribution helped significantly to making this possible.

To bring you in on the details, artists Dale Chihuly and Sangyup Lee, head of design for Bentley Motors, narrate the video and discuss the process and definition behind beauty, and what aspects of artistic creation are reflected in the media of automobiles and glass.

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Though most of the gallery was purchased at the event, in the video you can catch a glimpse of some of Chihuly’s works that were offered. For an in-person look at his irreplicable glass pieces, visit the Chihuly Museum in downtown St. Petersburg, Fla. Consider this only a taste of what will be in the future for Bazaar’s customers as their events grow.