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Bentley Curates Lifestyle Collection for Christmas

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With November starting and Daylight Savings Time coming to an end, Christmas shopping season has officially kicked off, and Bentley has a few suggestions.

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More than 300 items have been added to Bentley’s collection since September, and in a press release today, the marque pulled together their top 10 recommendations from those 300. They’ve compiled the “top ten gift ideas for customers, brand connoisseurs and luxury motoring enthusiasts,” including those who are still too young to drive a Bentley for themselves.

For the younger fans of Bentley, they suggest the Sequin Blue or Magenta ride-on Continental GT, complete with functional steering wheel, horn and music selection. These are best for the enthusiast between the ages of two and four, up to a weight of 50 pounds.

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For the enthusiasts who are able to drive a Bentley, there’s a wide variety of beautiful items, ranging from blankets, candles and picture frames to scarves, fountain pens and handbags. Every item embodies the quality Bentley is known for and design cues inspired by the original Bentley Boys of the 1920s. The Heritage Race backpack embodies that look back toward history with the number “9,” the number featured on Tim Birkin’s 4.5-liter “Blower” driven during 1930 Le Mans race.

Check out the items from their top 10 suggestions in the gallery below, and visit to see the full collection. If the Bentley lifestyle items aren’t quite enough, you can always consider an actual Bentley as your gift – just find the perfect one from our exclusive listings.

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