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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 – $38,995 Speakers for Top Quality Sound

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To celebrate 90 years of excellence in the world of sound, Bang & Olufsen has released one of their most stunning pieces yet: the BeoLab90.

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As an Oct. 6 press release and YouTube video share, this new speaker is set to “change the future of sound” and exhibits some of the most innovative features seen in a stand up speaker to date. Not only does it automatically measure the acoustical effects of the room its in and the objects within that room, but it can be adjusted to send sound precisely where you want it to.

Through a feature called Beam Width Control, you can change the sound beam to one of a wide variety of settings, whether you want it narrow enough to hit one sweet spot for listening or wide enough to fill an entire party with rich sound. All of this is controlled either at the touch of a button or smart phone – an app allows you to completely control the speaker’s settings directly from your phone.

The 360 degree design sits on a 65 kg aluminum cabinet with a curved wooden base, making it appear as if there is no visual front for the speakers. It’s able to fit into the decor of most every home, and can act as a visual centerpiece for any room.

The BeoLab 90 speakers are set to be released on Nov. 17, the same day as Bang & Olfusen’s official 90th anniversary, and will be priced at approximately $38,995 per unit. Be sure to visit Bang & Olufsen’s website to sign up for updates about the release of this speaker.


(Source: Bang & Olufsen, YouTube)

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