Automotive Furniture for the Enthusiast’s Home

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Furniture made from repurposed car parts has become increasingly popular. This unique style of home furnishings can be found in man-caves nationwide. However, some of these unique pieces stand out from the rest.

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In Bentley’s 2011 Bespoke Charity Auction they had some spectacular pieces of custom furniture up for sale. Just to name a few, the Mulliner Wheel Coffee  Table  went for €2,700, which equates to around $4,700, the Supersports Office Chair went for €5,500, or about $8,290, and the Mulsanne V8 table went for €6,500, which is about $9,790. One can view all the items that were sold in Bentley’s auction at

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Back in 2006 Richard Moriarty mounted a 1974 Lamborghini on the wall of his Newport Beach estate. Talk about one of a kind, expensive, art work. Obviously there’s no installation kit for mounting a car on the wall in your living room, so Moriarty had to hire a crew with a 70-ton crane to lower the sports car through his ceiling. Prior to the installation of this Italian masterpiece, Moriarty had the engine removed and made into a coffee table. In the words of Richard Moriarty, “200-mph coffee table, for guests who prefer their drinks, shaken not stirred”.


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Product and interior designer Charly Molinelli created one of the most unique pieces of automotive art. Most people prefer their Ferrari’s to be intact, but not Charly. He turned a completely wrecked Ferrari into a quite impressive table. As described by Molinelli, placing the Ferrari into the table was like placing, “a dead hero in a coffin.” I think car enthusiasts would definitely agree with that statement. It may not be in mint condition, but this Ferrari will be enjoyed for years to come, not to mention it makes a great conversation piece.


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Enkahnz, an English company that specializes in vehicle accident repair and vehicle customization, has added a very unique piece of automotive furniture to their headquarters. Their new fully customized yellow Lamborghini desk welcomes customers with a flash its functional headlights. Produced in shop by the Enkahnz team themselves, this desk is valued at around $45,000. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of whether or not Enkahnz plans on producing any of these desks for their customers. To learn more about Enkahnz visit their website at


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A more recent use of automotive parts comes with the V12 Espresso Machine produced by Espresso Veloce. Unlike the Bentley items this espresso machine is still for sale.  It may serve the function of producing coffee but it tops the rest with its unique design. This isn’t your everyday espresso machine. Its coffee filter is shaped like an oil filter while the dispensers resemble spark plugs. There is no price listed for this innovative machine however only 500 were produced. Visit to request more information on pricing and purchasing.


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If you’re simply looking to furnish your man-cave with over the top auto inspired furniture then PitStop Racing Furniture is for you. They produce everything from desks and chairs to book cases and bar stools. Their unique designs come in four practical color choices and all their chairs boast spectacular lumbar support. Their ever popular Formula One chair goes for $649.95, to see all their unique and innovative pieces of furniture visit.