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Autobahn Adventures: For the Vacationing Automotive Enthusiast

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Vacations are meant to take you away from your ordinary life and into one worthy of your best dreams. Sure, you can take a cruise to an island, fly out to a hotel where you will stay for the next few days or even stay at home. But, you’re an automotive enthusiast; you deserve a vacation that feeds your passion.

One company built around the automotive enthusiast’s ideal vacation is Autobahn Adventures.


Autobahn Adventures first started out as a once-in-a-lifetime, personalized vacation for the company’s founders, Mark and Tina Trewartha. Being both world travelers and Porsche enthusiasts, they always dreamed of having a “Luxury European Driving Experience.” This included a tour of the Porsche Factory and museum and the chance to drive the Porsche 911 the way it was designed to be driven, on the Autobahn.

After searching for someone that could provide them with this dream vacation and finding nothing, they decided to create their own vacation. Filled with the highest levels of luxury, complete freedom with a Porsche, exquisite food, unforgettable attractions and a chance to enjoy their time together, Mark and Tina had a trip that was everything they dreamed of.


After spreading word of their trip through their local Porsche Club newsletter, the response was overwhelming. As it turns out, their dream vacation was what everyone was searching for.

After building contacts with Porsche, selecting luxury hotels and restaurants and planning the most stunning routes and attractions for their guests, Autobahn Adventures was created.


Through Autobahn Adventures, guests experience an unforgettable vacation that allows them to experience performance German Sports Cars, scenically breathtaking roads, luxurious hotels and spas, gourmet dining experiences, a vast array of historic and modern attractions and like-minded guests that will become lifelong friends.

For more information on Autobahn Adventures, please visit or contact them now. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures taken right from the unique adventure.

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