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2020 Vanderhall Carmel GT Adds Luxury & Convenience

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What began with one model has grown into a family of three-wheeled action. Vanderhall builds each example by hand in Provo, Utah. Their Carmel GT is the flagship of the fleet, and they have responded to customer demands. That is why the 2020 Carmel GT adds luxury & convenience.

Riding on a patented chassis of welded interlocking aluminum, the Carmel GT has more grip than many 4-wheel cars at this price point. With added interior space, standard leather, and a body-colored Capshade (removable roof),

The heater blows strong enough to envelop the cockpit on chilly days, and the heated seats are nice in the morning. At your command is cruise control, & Bluetooth with standard Kicker amplifier.

The body and cockpit are adorned with stainless steel and gloss black accents to ensure the Carmel will capture attention wherever you may wander. It will do so while providing years of unique and comfortable motoring.

Available in Pearl white and Ruby Red Metallic, the handmade Carmel GT is a pleasure to enjoy on date night, your favorite event or to turn mundane tasks of grocery buying into adventures in socialization: you’re going to be asked a lot of questions.

The Vanderhall dealer network is growing with close to 60 dealers stateside and a little over a dozen internationally.  Find your nearest dealer and schedule time to find the Vanderhall that will help you fall in love with the road again.


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