Tesla’s Success Continues in North Carolina

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As of late Tesla Motors has been making headlines for some pretty impressive achievements and they’ve done it again. The North Carolina Automobile Dealers wanted to do away with direct-to-consumer sales by the company as they eliminate the need for dealerships. Well, Tesla came up with a quick and easy solution for this problem. Instead of talking it out in the courtroom, Elon Musk and friends took some North Carolina higher-ups for a test drive. Governor Pat McCrory and House Speaker Thom Tillis were given rides in one of their Tesla models so they could experience the electric cars firsthand. Although it was seemingly too simple, Musk’s plan worked. The two city officials enjoyed their test drive so much that the bill was struck down on Tuesday. As Tesla continues to amaze with their successes making headlines around the country, one thing has become clear, this company will soon be unstoppable.