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Tesla’s Battery Switching Technology

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Better and faster than a supercharger station, Elon Musk showed off Tesla’s new battery-swapping technology at its design studio near Los Angeles. The company claims that in 90 seconds, it can switch out an exhausted battery on a Model S for a fully charged one. That’s pretty impressive because it will allow drivers to drive nonstop on long road trips.  And it only gets better. Musk demonstrated that two Model S can be  battery swapped in the same amount of time as it takes to fill an Audi A8, which has 23.8 gallons.

Although, there do seem to be some concerns with buyers who want  to purchase a Tesla Model S. Some buyers have a fear of running out of power before they can safely get to a power station, and as of right now, there are not many available. Is driving over 500 miles nearly impossible on some routes?  These concerns were escalated after a reviewer for the New York Times reported that he was not able to get the full 250-300 mile distance off a single charge during a road trip. Tesla, however, denied such claims,which is why Musk demonstrated the battery switching to any non-believers.

The service will cost about the same as 15 gallons of regular gas, while pointing out that the speed and convenience is more than worth the price. Following the demonstration,  Musk promised that the battery-swapping service would be rolled out before the end of the year in California, with other areas to follow.