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Tesla Model X Price Released, Customers Begin Designing Their Cars

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Though Tesla still has yet to announce an official date for when the Model X will begin production, it seems as if it isn’t far away at all.

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It’s been a rocky road for the Model X, which has had its officially release day pushed back on more than one occasion, but as Motor Authority shared today, it seems that customers who were the first to reserve one have been contacted by Tesla, and are beginning to design their cars through an online configurator.

“In June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Model X would be out within ‘three or four’ months,” Motor Authority said. “The current estimate for the start of delivery is late September.” And as they found on the Tesla Motors Club forum, that estimate might not be far off.

Customers who placed a reservation through Tesla’s website, which required a $5,000 deposit, have shared screenshots of the configurator on the forum, along with a full list of standard equipment and other options that are available, as well as pricing. From what they’ve shared, the base price for a Signature Edition Model X, also called the Model X P90D, with the Ludicrous speed option is $134,5000.

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Standard equipment on the Model X will include the Falcon Wing doors with build in sensors; an automatically retracting rear spoiler; rear accessory hitch; maps and navigation with real time traffic updates; free long distance travel on the Supercharger network; 8-year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty; keyless entry and more.

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Check out the photos of the Model X’s projected final form below, visit the forum for more details and let us know in the comments whether you’d like to get your hands on one of these electric crossover SUVs.

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