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Tesla Model S 70D Introduced, Pricing to Start at $75,000

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There has been much anticipation of the next great thing to come from America’s most fascinating electric auto manufacturer,  and in a blog post on their website today, Tesla has introduced us to their latest vehicle: the Model S 70D.

While it is true that this is the next iteration of their already-successful Model S, the 70D promises to feature some key aspects its predecessor was missing. Most notably, the Model S 70D is an all-wheel drive vehicle, making it even more suited for long trips through varying road conditions.

The front and rear motors that allow for this AWD addition are independently operational and standard features, and are the evolution of a feature first unveiled in October 2014. The “D” in 70D alludes to these dual-motors, which were first introduced Oct. 10, 2014 on the Model S P85D.

The blog post from Tesla went on to state that while the 70D won’t quite match the P85D’s impressive 3.2 second 0-60 mph acceleration time, it will accomplish the feat in 5.2 seconds while offering a 240 mile range for its battery while the car operates at a speed of 65 mph.

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Pricing is set to start at $75,000, a $5,000 increase from the Model S’ base price, but the post argues that, when factoring in the saved cost of fuel and maintenance expenses, the price drops to $55,000 over a five year period. Helping with that decrease in ownership expenditures are the Supercharging, over-the-air wireless software updates, blind spot detection, navigation, autopilot hardware and more that all come standard.

In addition to the announcement of this new model, Tesla also announced the addition of three new available paint colors, Ocean Blue, Obsidian Black and Warm Silver.

Be sure to stay with us to learn more about making the Model S 70D yours as more information is released, and in the meantime, find yourself the perfect Tesla for your daily driver at the button below.


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(Source: Tesla, Twitter)

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