Tesla to Make Supertruck to Rival F-150?

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We all knew that Tesla would be unveiling a semi-truck. However, they surprised us with the unveiling of the new Roadster, the fact that the new BAMF semi-truck will go 0-60 mph in 5 seconds and, apparently, a new civilian truck that will be a competitor to trucks like the Ford F-150.

While the exact details are currently unknown, Elon Musk said during the unveiling of the BAMF that they had” created a pickup truck version of the Tesla Semi.” He also went on to say that this truck could carry another pickup truck and would only require a normal driver’s license for operation.

As I stated before, the exacts on this truck are unknown as of right now, but I would suspect that more news will be coming in the near future. And if the 0-60 time of the BAMF is any indicator, the pickup truck will hit supercar-like acceleration numbers.