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NASA: Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster is Officially a Celestial Object

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If you haven’t heard about Tesla’s recent Falcon Heavy launch, you’re absolutely missing out. Not only was it a tremendous success for the future of space exploration, they launched Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster into space. I’m not saying that launched it into the sky for it to fall back down. No, the car is currently floating around somewhere in between Mars and Earth. In fact, the electric car is so far gone into space that NASA has officially declared it a celestial object.

New Tesla Roadster: Quickest Car in the World

What’s a celestial object? I’ll save you the Google search and tell you that it’s a “structure that exists in the observable universe.” Along with the title, NASA has entered the Roadster into their HORIZONS Web-Interface. Within this system, you can get the ephemerides for the object (an ephemeris is a data file that gives the calculated position of a specific celestial object). With this information, you can theoretically track the exact location of the Tesla within the solar system.

Now that the Tesla was launched into space, does that make it the fastest car ever? I mean, it did reach speeds of over 16,000 mph on its way out to space…