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Tesla Model S P85D vs. Ferrari

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App developer and self-made millionaire Allen Wong has made waves with his growing collection of exotic cars, with thousands of followers watching his YouTube videos and subscribing to Instagram and Facebook accounts. He recently had the chance to take a Tesla Model S P85D for a ride outside of Orlando, Florida, and all of its promised power comes out to play in the video.

Posted to his YouTube channel Dec. 13, the short film gives you two viewpoints of the insane acceleration as Wong jumps in to a quick drag race. He pulls up next to what appears to be a Ferrari 575M Maranello, an Italian beast capable of producing 508 hp and 434 lb-ft from its V12, and you can hear the Ferrari’s driver ask, “What you got in there?”

“691 horspower,” Wong responds. Someone yells, “Let’s go!” as the Ferrari starts moving forward, and within a half second it’s gone from view.


Unveiled Oct. 9 at a Los Angeles event, the Tesla Model S P85D is Elon Musk’s design combined with the desire to match the performance of a McLaren F1. With a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, the acceleration has been matched perfectly, something Wong described in the caption of his video.

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“First impressions: The acceleration is ridiculous,” the description says. “I daily drive an Aventador, and I thought I got used to fast accelerations. But no, the Tesla Model S P85D hauled some serious ass. As a passenger, you do not get a chance to get ready for it at all. My internal organs were glued to the back of my body. I’ve done the P85+ test drive before, and it was already pretty fast. But this P85D is on a whole other level.”

Be sure to check out the video above for a full view of this powerful electric car, and stay with us to keep up with new releases from Tesla.

(Source: YouTube)

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