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Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode Takes Kids for a Ride

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There are dozens of separate trends and viral themes floating around the internet on any given day, but it’s always a little surprising and incredibly welcomed when two viral memes cross paths.

Over the past few months, the “Kids React” video series has gained a large amount of popularity, as have reaction videos of passengers experiencing a Tesla Model S P85D’s insane mode for the first time. Now, thanks to the help of GreenCarReports and Dream Drives for Kids, the two have crossed paths in one spectacular video.


Uploaded to YouTube today by GreenCarReports, the video above shows three groups of kids counting down to an Insane Mode launch before oversized grins slide onto their faces. With the same 0-60 mph acceleration time as a McLaren F1, just 3.2 seconds, it’s no wonder why.

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The first part of the video shows Eric Peterson behind the wheel, a seat where he spends a lot of time. Peterson is a supercar enthusiast with a heart as large as his car collection. The founder of Dream Drives for Kids, Peterson and his wife Amity arrange for children with terminal illnesses to spend a day outside of the hospital and inside of their favorite supercar. As GreenCarReports stated in an article today, Peterson teamed up with Tesla Motors for a few hours of P85D dream rides, resulting in the video above.

Check out our full feature on Dream Drives for Kids by clicking here, and after you’ve watched the adorable reactions above, hit the button below and find yourself a Tesla to spend a little time going insane in.


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(Source: Green Car Reports, YouTube)

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