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Tesla Model S Has Light-Up Paint

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It’s a fascinating time that we live in when light is something that can now be sprayed on to another object. Okay, while it may not be as simple as spraying on light, it’s as close as we can get right now, thanks to LumiLor from Darkside Scientific.

LumiLor is an electroluminescent paint that becomes illuminated when an electric charge is sent to it. According to the company’s website, just about any surface can be painted, including metal, glass, plastic and more. Additionally, the paint can be applied in a variety of colors. This means everything, from your car, to guitar, can be turned into a light-up display. And when the special paint isn’t illuminated, it looks just like normal paint.

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A great example of this new technology is this Tesla Model S, which can be viewed in the video above uploaded by Darkside Scientific to Vimeo Aug. 4. As you can see in the video, the light-up paint is invisible when not being used, but when illuminated, it puts on a great show. Check it out for yourself to see the paint in action.

(Source: Darkside Scientific / Vimeo via Autoblog)